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The Personal Interview category in a pageant is a chance for contestants to showcase their communication skills and personal qualities. In this category, contestants are interviewed by a panel of judges, who ask a range of questions about the contestant's background, interests, goals, and opinions. The purpose of this category is to assess the contestant's ability to articulate their thoughts clearly, think on their feet, and present themselves in a positive and confident manner. The judges look for contestants who are well-spoken, knowledgeable, honest, and engaging. The Personal Interview category is often considered one of the most important parts of a pageant, as it provides an opportunity for the judges to get to know the contestants on a deeper level and evaluate their potential as role models. Please note that interviews are 7 minutes each and you must come as your self and not in drag



Theme: Black with Red leather or lace accessories 

This pageant category is all about showcasing the truest and most authentic version of oneself. In this category, contestants are given the opportunity to introduce themselves to the judges and the audience, allowing them to shine their brightest and show their unique personality. The theme encourages contestants to embrace their individuality, celebrate their passions, and share their stories.

They will be given a platform to share their journey, accomplishments, and aspirations, allowing the judges and audience to get a glimpse of who they are beyond their external appearance.

Contestants are encouraged to show their personality through their outfits, creating a look that portrays their individual style and flare. This pageant category is not just about looking stunning, but also about presenting oneself in an authentic and genuine way, showing what makes each contestant unique and special.

Through the All About You pageant category, contestants will inspire others with their stories of perseverance, passion, and individualism. It is an opportunity for each contestant to be true to themselves and celebrate their individuality, inspiring others to do the same.



Theme: Good girl gone Bad

The good girl gone bad reveal pageant runway theme is all about embracing your inner rebel, letting go of the rules, and unleashing your wild and naughty side. This theme is centered around the idea of transformation and rebellion, and it encourages contestants to break free from their confines and show a daring and bold side that is often hidden.

The contestants will start the show dressed in innocent, demure outfits, but once it’s time for the reveal, they will rip off their conservative outerwear to reveal naughty and daring ensembles underneath.

The good girl gone bad theme is all about showing off the dual sides of your personality and tapping into your inner rebel. The costumes and accessories should be bold, daring, and provocative, featuring leather, lace, fishnets, and spikes. The makeup and hair should be bold and daring, with dark smoky eyes, bold lips, and sexy tousled hairstyles.

This theme will undoubtedly wow the judges and the audience with its combination of sexiness, daring, and fun, leaving them with a sense of excitement and anticipation for the unexpected and unbridled energy that comes with a good girl gone bad reveal.



The Erotic Evening Gown category is all about showcasing the seductive side of formalwear. This runway category celebrates the beauty of the female form and the art of sensuality by highlighting garments that ooze glamour and sex appeal. The gowns featured in this category are designed to make a bold and daring statement, with plunging necklines, high slits, sheer fabrics, and intricate embellishments that leave little to the imagination.

The models that walk this runway exude confidence and power with every step, embracing their femininity and showcasing their curves in the most alluring way. The Erotic Evening Gown category is the perfect platform for designers who want to explore their most daring and provocative ideas, pushing the boundaries of traditional evening wear and creating unique and unforgettable pieces that leave a lasting impression.

This category is perfect for those who want to make a statement with their fashion, embracing the power of their sexuality and creativity. The Erotic Evening Gown category is the ultimate fusion of high-fashion and seduction, showcasing the beauty and sensuality of every woman.



The Talent category in a pageant is a chance for contestants to showcase their unique skills and abilities. In this category, contestants are given up to 7 minutes to perform a talent of their choice, such as singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument, performing stand-up comedy, or presenting a spoken word piece. The purpose of this category is to highlight the contestant's creativity, stage presence, and overall performance abilities. The judges look for contestants who are confident, poised, and skilled in their chosen talent, as well as those who bring a unique and memorable element to their performance. The Talent category is often one of the most highly anticipated parts of a pageant, as it provides an opportunity for the contestants to showcase their individuality and entertain the audience.

The use of water, fire, paint, glitter and animals or live insects is strictly prohibited and grounds for disqualification.



The top 4 will battle it out on in a group lipsync battle. This is your chance to shine and show us why your the next Miss Erotica.


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