Best in Stream

Our Virtual Competition 

Our Virtual Competition Guidelines:

  1. All categories must be prerecorded and submitted to no later than March 1, 2024. All late entries will not be accepted unless an arrangement had been made prior to the due date.
  2. All video must be in landscape mode (sideways) NO EXCEPTIONS!
  3. All videos must be of high quality, plenty of lighting, visible and audio must be working and in sync.
  4. Please follow the directions so that your video follows in sync with everyone else's. 



Personal Interview: Digging beneath the surface, this category provides a closer insight into the contestants' personalities, experiences, and motivations. Marvel at their eloquence and intellectual prowess as they share their unique journey within the expansive realm of pup play. Expect raw emotions, intriguing stories, and enlightening perspectives that will deepen your understanding of pup play as an empowering self-expression.



Presentation: Full pup gear - This category celebrates individuality and creativity. Contestants will showcase their unique pup personas, stunning the audience with their costumes, accessories, and overall presentation. Watch as they embody their chosen pup personas, demonstrating their commitment, enthusiasm, and true essence. This is also your opportinity to introduce yourself to our audience but most importantly to the judges.



Talent: This category showcases the hidden talents of our extraordinary contestants. Prepare to be amazed as they demonstrate their skills, whether it be dance, acrobatics, singing, or any other talent imaginable. This segment not only highlights the versatility of these individuals but also celebrates the diversity within the pup play community.



Red Carpet Pup: It's time for the contestants to hit the glamorous red carpet! Immerse yourself in the glitz and glamour as the participants proudly parades their pup personas alongside their impeccably dressed Handlers. Witness the charisma, charm, and sheer star power of these stunning individuals as they command the attention of the paparazzi and audience alike.